Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Myth Project

Myth Project Outline and Rubric

Today, your group will each decide your roll, if you have more than three people in your group, the extra person can complete either Research Component 2 or 3. You may work together, but each person must have individual research.

You will then pick the Greek Myth you would like to Research.

Links to Popular Greek Myths to choose from for your Group Research:
Greek Myths List
BBC Greek Myths
Theoi Greek Myths
You can also search Google for more!
*Make sure you locate and all read an original myth, not just a summary of one.

Helpful Terms: Greek Terms Glossary


Quick Example:
Persephone and Hades - Read together as a class.

Driving Questions and Answers:
1.      What is the role of the main symbol in the myth? 
      The main symbol in this myth is...
       Its role was to show temptation/family ties.

2.      How does this myth’s message connect to ancient Greece or Greek culture/values?
      It connects to Greek Culture by explaining...

3.      How does this myth connect to modern society?
      This myth connects to modern society through...

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